The Consequences Of Population Increase

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As the population increases globally, and economic survival gets harder to bear, crime has hit a high, as no time in history before. Universally the proportion in economic inequality is growing larger by the day and as frustration of the masses builds so does the need for survival get more desperate.

As  more and more materialistic goods that humans do not necessarily need flood the market,  the greed for acquiring these  good have culminated in the insurgence of petty to violent crime. The ugly and unfortunate truth in life is that the poor do not have the inclination or the motivation to work hard to get out of the plight that they find themselves in and hence would rather turn to crime rather than take the hard and steep climb out of poverty.

 The widening gap between the rich and poor has made it a necessity to install cctv installation in Sydney in homes, offices and other commercial building to secure its premises from vandals. These systems are made to give maximum security to a person’s valuables. 

Installing access control systems may give security relief for a while, but will not solve e problem of why the need has risen for these systems to be installed.  The need for sustainable employment that will meet the demands of the 21st century has to be addressed by the current governments of the world, and the eliminating of poverty must be the world’s most important priority.

The repercussions of financial disparity in developing and developed countries

Financial disparity is referred to as economic dissimilarity between different persons and peoples inside a society. However this divergence can also occur in countries that are considered to be both developing and developed. The very dangerous and devastating breach that has risen up between the wealthy and underprivileged can be exemplified by the statistic that the top very few richest persons in the world have possessions that surpass those of the most deprived 10 percent of the world’s populace according to current research.

The fact that disparity exists can be proven by the statistical evidence that the wealthiest countries hold only 12% of the world’s inhabitants, but have the purchasing control of a far bigger margin than the rest of the words population. The inability of most governments to combat the spread of crime has taken its toll by the demand for resignation by its people and as the greed for more and more unaffordable commodities increase the rate of crime too will be on the increase in many countries worldwide.