Designing A Boy’s Bedroom

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Designing your little boy’s bedroom could be difficult especially if you have little to good idea what your kid wants his room to look like. But fret not, for listed below are some helpful tips that could guide you with your boy’s bedroom design.

Create a heartridge flooring plan. Make a rough sketch of the room’s floor plan and decide how the room’s layout is going to be like. Decide where the bed, closet, desk, dresser, bookshelves etc. are positioned in the room according to the room’s floor area. Make sure to allot an open space for the kid to play in with his playmates and/or toys.

Choose a theme. You could get inspiration for choosing a theme from none other than the boy who will be using the room. Observe what the kid loves doing and base his room’s design from there. Look at what he is into—sports, cartoon characters, dinosaurs, cars, space and astronomy, musical instruments, animals, trucks and tractors, pirates etc. and begin to design the room from there.

Pick a colour scheme. Once you have decided on the theme, you can now choose a colour scheme for the room. If your chosen theme is, for example, space and astronomy, prominent colours would be in deep shades of blue with splashes of red, yellow, and white. This is just an example, but if you want to devise a colour palette on your own, you may do so. Just make sure that the colours you use match the theme of the bedroom.
Create a lighting plan. Amateur designers often tend to overlook lighting and its effect to the overall room design. Lighting is important to give the room a certain atmosphere—a mood that perfectly goes with the room’s design and whole ambiance. Warm lighting induces a more relaxing atmosphere compared to cool lighting. However, you could use both in illuminating the bedroom; cool lighting can be used in the study or homework area where the study desk is to provide proper illumination while reading and writing.

Shop for new items and/or furniture. Existing furniture need not be disposed for they can still be used and reused (e.g. bed and dresser). These pieces of furniture can be used up until your kid becomes a teenager, so replacing them is not necessary. However, you will need to shop for things like boys doona covers set for the beddings or throws such as a logan & mason quilt cover, but always keep in mind the theme of the room as this is where you will be basing everything you will put into the bedroom.

Accessorize. To bring the entire room together, you have to put pieces of room accessories to match the room’s theme and/or colour scheme. You can put up wall art, lampshades, displays, etc. that reinforces the room’s theme and design. For convenience, you can shop for these types of homewares online to help you save time and effort of going to the store and manually look for pieces that would match the room perfectly.