The Mistakes Every Tattooist Needs To Avoid

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What are some of the mistakes that every beginner tattoo artist needs to avoid? Find out below!

Not doing your research – a basic tip for anyone interested in any profession or career is to first understand what that profession exactly entails, and to do your part in ensuring that your background is up to par with what is expected of that profession. Anyone aspiring to be a tattoo artist should first do their research as to what the profession entails, and also as to what they will need when they decide to debut as a professional tattoo artist. Such background work is what will make sure that you won’t end up like other tattoo artists who do not check what brand of tattoo ink in Australia they have before mixing inks together.

Focusing on only the art – indeed, a good tattoo artist is a talented artist, and a good part of the profession involves constant brainstorming sessions for nights in a row, and basically, a tendency to doodle all the time. However, a professional artist is not only about the art they make, but also about the attention they pay to the other essentials they need as well: nowadays, it is mandatory for tattoo artists to have the sterilizing equipment and other disposable tattoo supplies. Be it gloves, needles, disposable tattoo tubes, first aid or sterilizing medications, a tattoo artist needs to be stocked up on every item to avoid any harm to their customers.

Sticking with one shop or brand – if you are yet a newbie to the profession, there is a good chance you may not have visited many shops related to the trade – both physical and online. Early on in your career, you might feel like you have found a decent shop for all your supplies, but the correct approach to this is to not get tied down to a single shop right at the very start. Experiment (safely of course!) and try out different inks, supplies, shops, etc. before you decide what works for you. There is always a chance that you will find a better shop, after all.

Not experimenting with inks – as you would know, most of the popular ink brands have ink sets of forty-eight, seventy-two or even larger sets of inks. And as you would also expect, these ink sets are quite costly. However, what you should also know is that there are many professional artists who do not, in fact, invest in these expensive sets. Instead, they invest in colour mixing ingredients and solutions, which allows them to create new colour varieties from a small ink set. You should also experiment with inks, but remember to practise before you try them out on your customers!