Renting Your House On Airbnb

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Technology has made life easy in many ways for all of us – be it shopping online or finding academic resources. Yet another most revolutionary introduction that gained much popularity recently is Airbnb.

Airbnb allows people to list, find or rent out accommodation and lodging to others, at a considerably cheaper price. You do not have to own a hotel – you are merely converting your own home/apartment to a small ‘stay-in’ for another traveller. Reports suggest that there are over 15 million Airbnb users, especially owing to the convenience and the reasonable prices this allows.

So, if you have a place that could be rented out, and you are also in need of some extra cash, get yourself on Airbnb. Here’s how you do it.

The location

First, it is imperative that you have a location to share with another person. This can be your entire apartment, a shared room, a private room, the attic, the basement or even your living room converted into a bedroom. What matters is that the place is comfortable for a person to stay in and is in a safe location.

If you want to go for a higher price bid, you can also tweak the place a little. Add some nice curtains, get the help of an air conditioning service to fix cooler air circulation, add some clean furniture and if possible, wifi service –and you are good to go! These added amenities attract customers more since it proves you to be an attentive host.

Moreover, make sure that you attend to repairs when necessary. When your business keeps growing, and more and customers keep coming, then it is important that you maintain your place in good shape. Our tip here is to have a list of trusted service providers – for an example, if you have been a long term customer of one ducted air conditioning Sydney, then they will know how to fix things quickly around your place, and chances are you will get good discounts as well! It is all about being smart and economical.

Set up an account

Setting up an account on Airbnb is quite easy – and the site allows you step-by-step guidance on how to go about. However, what matters is your creativity when you set up your profile. Add as many pictures of the place as possible – customers are generally weary of places where there is only one ‘fake’ looking picture. Do not be lazy with your description – include every feature that you think plays to your advantage. For an example, if your house is in a convenient location, or closer to the subway – all these things matter to a customer.

Be responsive

Be very responsive to messages (this is easier when you install the app) and be courteous. Be open to criticism – and use them to develop. Also encourage your customers to put up reviews in your page after their visit. New clients look at these reviews to ensure that you can be trusted, so it is important to have as much as reviews as possible.